Nomad spirit

We are a team of dedicated people who always have loved to travel and now we want to share the passion of travelling and the great experiences with you.

Travelling is our inspiration

The spirit of travelling has always been a part of us but is has first been unleashed in our maturity. Things like globalization, collaborative economy and low cost flights has opened the opportunities to visit places that we didn’t consider just two decades ago. 

We have discovered that it is not necessary to be a millionaire to travel the world and get the true impression of a country, including feeling the sincere solidarity and honesty among the local citizens, the culture and other tourists.

We believe that getting the full impression of the area that you visit will strengthen your perception of your travel destination and inspire you even more. An important part of a travelling is the inspiration and impressions that can be remembered for the rest of your life. One thing is for sure; travelling makes everyone happy.


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