Key exchange

To secure the optimal experience for the guest, it is important to consider every aspect in the process. The first impression is essential and that is why we put an effort into the exchange of keys. At Happy Host, we are greeting the guests personally in order to give them a warm welcome, including a tour in the apartment and further recommendations for their visit. The local advises is a part of giving the guests an unique, local and personal impression of their stay.


A clean home is essential for feeling at home. A clean home also results in better evaluations after a stay. Good recommendations from previous guests are crucial for increasing the demand and interest for new guests. This is why we prioritize that the listing is in an optimal, good and clean condition from the moment the guest are enter. We only uses professional housekeeping that will make sure that everything is spotless – including clean sheets and towels.
When the guest has ended their stay, the housekeeping team will take care of the apartment so it corresponds to the specifications in the internal cleaning protocol.
By this, you can be sure not to get a unwanted surprise when you return to your home.

Daily Pricing Review

At Happy Host, we are attentive of the pricing of your apartment. We can increase the profitability by making regular adjustments corresponding to the supply and demand. This region often has celebrations, festivals, vacations and traditions that increases the demand. Our team takes care of adjusting the prices with the intention of optimizing the profitability and the frequency for renting. As a client, you can be sure that we will take care of the different variables and give you the best possible outcome.

Profile optimization

We are creating attractive profiles in the different relevant online platforms. This is to increase the visibility for the core target group. We will communicate through information to the potential guests in order for them to see the advantages and possibilities of renting exactly your house. We offer profile management in all relevant platforms, such as Airbnb, Wimdu, Homelidays o Booking. Regardless of the platform, we make sure that every detail is up to date and we will update the profiles regularly to increase the awareness of your profile.

Guest selection and relationship

At Happy Host, we are specialized in management of tourist apartments and we will take care of all the intern communication with the guests – from the very beginning to the last key exchange. We will furthermore be available to the guest if they need help or advises during their stay.
By having the full correspondence with the visitors, we are sure that their needs matches your specifications. By being sure that the best possible solution are found for both parties, we can guarantee peace in mind.


At Happy Host, we provide fast service if something unforeseen arises. This could for example be a problem with the toaster, the air conditioning or a lamp. This is a factor that can cause frustration for both you as a client and also the guest, but it doesn’t have to! Happy Host will take care of it and we will always choose the optimal solution for every specific case.

Professional Photography

A picture tells more than a thousand words. A good photo can attract more attention and this is why we are using professional photographers to show your apartment in the best possible way.
We have experience in finding exactly the right settings that will make your listing stand out from the others. We take care of the photoshoot and adds them to your profile to create the most optimal foundation for a inspiring and interesting profile for potential guests.

Interior Design

In order to improve the first impression, we recommend to perform interior design to a certain level. This is to make sure that all the possibilities in the apartment is visible, making it attractive and inspiring to look at. This will increase the possibilities to rent and increase the profitability. We will keep the core essence of the listing in mind in order to keep the style personal and unique.

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